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Event Medical Education

Major Incident Education
A one day course designed to provide medical managers with an overview of major incident management. This allows for staff to understand how a response will be made and then how this will escalate as statutory services arrive.

Difficult Extrication
Some working areas provide a challenge. Typically in the arena and stadium environment one of these areas is the seating bowl. This course is bespoke to your environment in which your medical teams identify as difficult areas. The teams work together to design solutions and publish guidance.

Pit Rescue
1 Day course designed for safe working and medical assistance for the medical practitioner working in the pit area.

First Aid at Work
Standard 3 day first aid at work course. This is designed to ensure that staff in the workplace can deal with life threatening emergencies and call for appropriate support.

Steward Aid
A short 4 hour course designed to ensure stewards understand the need for further medical assistance and can apply life saving support whilst awaiting medical professionals arrival. Skills include; CPR, unconscious patient, dealing with substance abuse and major wounds.

Event First Aid
A 12 month programme designed to educate individuals with the skills necessary to provide event first aid. The programme is divided into 6 one-day sessions with support during an event in assessing core competencies. Therefore staff will learn the art of event first aid whilst working in the normal operating environment.

1 day pitch rescue refresher course
This course follows on from education provided on certificated pitch rescue courses. It is a one day refresher course aimed at updating and developing medical response with medical staff at club level.

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